The 54th issue of the quarterly research journal Noor-e-Ma'rfat contains 11 research works. The 1st article represents the ideas of Imam Razi's Tafsir Mufatih Al-Ghayb that are related to the moral reformation. In the 2nd article, an attempt has been made to clarify the standard of the 'Sunnah'. The 3rd article examines materialist and atheist ideologies in the light of Islamic teachings. The 4th article explains the four basic principles of foreign policy of an Islamic state. The 5th article covers the objectives of the educational curriculum of an Islamic country. The 6th article argues that the contemporary movement of feminism is, in fact, contrary to Islamic teachings and equivalent to the exploitation of women’s rights.In the 7th article the well-known historian Arnold Joseph Toynbee's theory of the formation and evolution of Islamic civilization is scrutinized. The 8th article highlights the style of Maulana Abdul Hadi Shah Mansoori's Tafsīr Al-Burhan Fi Muskalat-e-Quran. In the 9th article, the author has discussed the commentary on Imam Ibn Malik's book on the science of syntax, Alfiyyah, the "Al-Ashmooni". The 10th article provides a scholarly overview of the developments in Islamic banking in Muslim countries, especially in Pakistan. Based on Ali Eteraz’s novel Native Believer, the last article of this issue, presents an analytical assessment of the causes and implications of islamophobia in America. We hope that this issue of the quarterly Noor-e-Ma'rfat will - as always - prove to be a real attempt to solve the intellectual and practical problems of the Islamic world. God willing!

Published: 2022-02-04

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